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Propose appliances that make everyday life easier: the mission of Siméo

Founded in 2022 in Alsace, near Strasbourg, it is thanks to its festive products, such as the chocolate fountain or the cotton candy appliance that Siméo became known and quickly proved itself to the French public. The Siméo slogan “News in my kitchen” is the very reflection of the brand. Always bring novelty and originality to make the consumer’s life easier. Original to a fault, over the years the brand has marketed fun and innovative appliances… lunchboxes, pancake makers, yogurt makers, popcorn makers and juice extractors are just some of them.

The primary mission of Siméo? Bring small electrical household appliances which make everyday life easier. The brand takes on a new challenge and now offers mobile devices, without cord, vacuum appliances and many other surprises which we’ll let you discover right away.

Tea or coffee? And why not both?

Siméo offers a selection of compact, practical and innovative kettles. Thanks to their many assets (temperature setting, deactivatable sound signals, automatic stop, double-walled…), they have everything to please. And with its programmable filter coffee makers, the coffee lovers are not outdone. Capacity of 1 to 1,5 liters, compact, sprinkling of the grinding through multi-exit shower heads, delayed start up to 24 hours, drip stop system, keep warm… : enough to suit all tastes and convince all profiles of filter coffee amateur.

Long live the homemade!

From aperitif to desert, Siméo offers a wide range of culinary preparation appliances. Blenders, juice extractors, citrus presses, soup maker to prepare soups, fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies and vegetable drinks. A grinder to prepare meat, fish or vegetables all year round. A wireless trio (mini-chopper, mixer and  hand blender), running exclusively on rechargeable batteries,  to increase freedom of movement in the kitchen.


Kitchen implies cooking!

Siméo is dedicated to offer a wide range of cooking appliances to prepare meals bringing together. Plancha, contact grill, tajine, crepe maker and fondue to please convivial tables. Chocolate fountain, cotton candy and popcorn appliance to bring some fun to relaxed moments with friends or family. And for lovers of milk or vegetable delights or other drinks, the Siméo yogurt makers are perfect to make 100% homemade and natural preparations!

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