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Defending the culinary art and its benefits. Ambassador of  quality homemade, away from trends and conventions, Riviera-et-Bar stands for an art of living where taste, creativity and pleasure are part of the good life of the consumer.

French fries, waffles, chocolate… Belgian and proud of it, for more than 60 years, Frifri has been developing reliable, simple and design appliances. In the kitchen, you’ll find Frifri appliances for all your dishes: for everyday use as well as for special occasions.  

“News in my kitchen”
This is the slogan but also the very reflection of the brand. The primary mission of the brand is always bringing novelty and originality to make the consumer’s life easier.

Healthy eating couldn’t be easier with Dejelin! Thanks to its professional-quality steam cookers designed and manufactured in Belgium, Dejelin is the benchmark Belgian brand in the steam cooking sector.