Astoria - producer

After years of presence in the steam generator market, Astoria reinvented itself in 2008 in the field of heated fabrics.

Astoria, specialized since 1946 in manufacturing telephone dialers and irons, launched the first steam generator on the small electrical appliance market in 1988.
In 2008, the Astoria Confort range of heated fabrics was created. Elegant and very soft heating blankets, ultra-cozy heated mattress toppers, fleece footwarmers,… The Astoria Confort range meets all needs in the matter of heating fabrics: performance, ergonomy and safety.
Quality of the fabrics, machine washing, overheating protection, and automatic stop, the range has all the features that make Astoria a French leading brand in this product universe. 

Astoria heated mattress toppers, perfect to warm the bed

Available for 1 or 2 persons, the Astoria Confort heated mattress toppers offer 6 temperatures to choose from for a personalized heat and an ultimate relaxation.  Very easy to install between the mattress and the fitted sheet, they distribute the heath evenly over the whole bed surface, thus providing a pleasant sensation of comfort and wellbeing. Secured by an automatic temperature regulation system, every mattress topper is equipped with a control which allows to set the temperature, even in the dark thanks to the bright display.

Heated blankets and plaids, for inside and outside

The Astoria heated blankets are available for 1 or 2 persons, plain or two-toned. Very easy to use, they quickly provide an even heat to the whole body. Secured by an automatic temperature regulation system, they also are equipped with an automatic stop. Astoria also offers battery operated heated plaids, which allows an outside use, particularly in the offseason.

Astoria footwarmer, comfort down to your feet

The Astoria Confort footwarmer complements the range of heated fabrics. Thanks to its anatomic shape, it suites every shoe size. For easy maintenance, the inside is removable and machine washable. Secured by an automatic temperature regulation, it is equipped with a control which allows you to set the temperature on 3 positions and with an automatic stop.

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