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Defend the culinary art and its benefits, this has been the credo of Riviera-et-Bar for over 50 years!

French brand of small culinary electrical household appliances, our adventure starts in 1968 in Marseille. Riviera, at the origin of plant boxes with water reserves, was then renamed Riviera-et-Bar thanks to the development of a patent essential to the production of espresso machines for the general public. In 1998, Astoria acquired Riviera & Bar, which became the brand dedicated to the world of cooking. The two brands move from Marseille to the suburbs of Strasbourg. In 2004, Riviera & Bar entered the healthy food market with products such as the centrifuge and the bread maker.

Since, over the decades, we continue with the same enthusiasm to anticipate trends in order to propose culinary appliances, ambassadors of quality home-made. Away from trends and conventions, Riviera-et-Bar stands for an art of living where taste, creativity and pleasure are part of the good life.

The innovation in boiling

Elegant and accurate, the Riviera-et-Bar electric tea makers reveal their talent cup after cup. Their secret: accurate control of the water temperature and the infusion time to reveal the aromatic intensity of each tea (loose or tea bag). True experts, they offer predefined programs depending on the type of tea (white, green, black, Oolong…), or even customizable programs (depending on the model). The Riviera-et-Bar tea makers with adjustable temperature are as demanding as intuitive to use!

Partners in a user-friendly and tasty cooking…

User-friendly and design, our planchas/grills satisfy gourmet cravings and aim for a healthy, tasty and easy to use cooking! Thanks to their adjustable thermostats, every dish is precisely and harmoniously cooked. Seasonal vegetables, meat, fish, sea food are well cooked. And lovers of thick pieces of meat will be enthusiastic about the models with the Power Zone booster specially designed for this purpose!  Manufactured from quality materials, the Riviera-et-Bar planchas/grills are the promise of tasty durability. Aware of the importance of local manufacturing, for the environmental, social and economic impact as well as for the superior French quality of the materials and know-how, Riviera-et-Bar started to develop and manufacture high-end planchas in France. Since 2021, about ten appliances “Made in France” were added to the expertise of the brand.   

Nourishing your daily vitality!

Through its Health label range, dedicated to well-being, Riviera-et-Bar offers products with advanced and easy to use features. Therefore, each “Health” product aims to promote a healthy, diverse, well-balanced, gourmet food, full of benefits.  Rice cooker, breadmaker, centrifuge, juicer, citrus press, dehydrator, pasta machine, appliance to make vegetable drinks, vacuum appliances,  preparations become a source of well-being and pleasure!

Propose appliances that make everyday life easier

The Siméo slogan “News in my kitchen” is the very reflection of the brand. Always bring novelty and originality to make the consumer’s life easier.

The high-end in health & lifestyle electrical household appliances

Dejelin is THE Belgian brand of reference specialized in healthy cooking thanks to the steam cooker of professional quality for which it is renowned.

Astoria has reinvented itself in the field of heated fabrics

The Astoria Confort range meets all needs in the matter of heating fabrics: performance, ergonomy and safety.

The innovation of the household appliances at the service of culinary tradition

Reliability, simplicity and design: this is what Frifri has been offering for more than 60 years. Used by multiple generations, the Frifri appliances are designed for every day cooking as well as special occasions.

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