The values of Lavafields

At Lavafields, we believe in values that guide us and define the way we work with our teams and partners.

These 6 core values are the foundation of our corporate culture.


To take full responsibility

We encourage and give everyone sufficient autonomy to enable them to take full responsibility for achieving our common goals. Responsible delegation enables everyone to thrive while taking responsibility for their actions, thus creating a dynamic where individual success contributes to collective success. 

We value team spirit and solidarity. At Lavafields, the collective comes before the individual. Our common strength lies in our diversity, complementarity and solidarity


Collective before the individual


Celebrate the differences

For us, otherness is invaluable source of enrichment. We celebrate the differences that make our collective unique.

We believe in continuous improvement, both individually and collectively. Because excellence is first and foremost a state of mind, a repetition that becomes a habit, we strive every day to offer the best of ourselves and inspire others to do the same.

Demanding standards & Pursuit of excellence

Continuous improvement


Treat each with objectivity & equity

We treat each individual with objectivity and equity, recognizing and rewarding their contributions in a just manner. 

Every challenge we meet, every failure we face, is an opportunity to learn and grow

« Growth Mindset » 

To learn & grow

At Lavafields, these values are not just words, they reflect our deepest convictions about who we are as a company.
As such, they are the foundation on which we build successful relationships, both internally and with our partners.