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Innovation at the service of our customers.
We offer innovative products that meet the existing needs of our customers but also anticipate their personal aspirations and wishes, to make their daily life more enjoyable.


Combine design and usefulness
We strive to develop design products, in order to combine aesthetics with simplicity and usefulness.


Quality as corner stone of the product
We choose to use high-quality materials for durable products, that can be accessorized in order for them to be versatile, to be repairable in case of trouble and to cross generations. Since we have one strong conviction: the importance of durability and rejection of any form of planned obsolescence and other irresponsible behavior.

Belgian/French Touch

The Belgian-French touch that makes our products unique
Every region of the world has its specificities, we produce our own brands is such way that they have this little something Belgian and/or French, which makes each product a reference, an indispensable part of the Belgian-French culture.